Episode 15: Summerfeeling


Welcome to another episode of Random Acts Radio 2.0! This one goes out to all the people who would rather not see fall approaching (or having already arrived in some places) but want to hold onto summer with both hands. The music in this episode reminds me of both the languid days of summer–good for planning and relaxing–as well as beach parties to get the blood pumping and ideas churning.

This episode’s playlist:

Absinthe Minded—Adrienne Pierce
Fading—Al Stravinsky
Corbeaux Following—Kobo Town
Give Thanks—JoJoe
Stand By Me—Rouffdraff
Lucy Anne—Little Plastic Stars
Throwin’ It Down Beside the Sea—20 Riverside
Drinks Are On Me—880 South
Lottery—Sam Page
Dance To The Radio—Blade Of Grass 

As always, our thanks go out to all of the artists who make their work available to easily share with you. The music from this episode is from Mevio’s Music Alley. If you like what you hear, use the links, above, to find out more about these artists and show ’em some love. If you don’t like what you hear, let me know!  I can’t improve if I don’t know what the problems are, and constructive criticism is always welcome.

Wishing you creative days!

Episode 1: Do You Believe?


Welcome to the inaugural episode of Random Acts Radio, the podcast companion to the webcomics Cocktail Hour and Where the Geeks Are.

To go along with the ghost investigation strips from Cocktail Hour, this month’s podcast focuses on songs with ghostly-themes (or just a related word in the title or group name–hey, my search options are a tad limited, here!).

Special thanks go out to Scott and Ron of Alpha Ghost Team who led the workshop and investigation. As I understand it, they’ve got a DVD coming out very soon about another investigation they did at the Windsor Hotel, so keep your eyes peeled on their site for more information.

Songs and Artists from this month’s show:

Ghostified by Persian Claws

Ghost Social by Heiress of an Incomplete Mind

Ghost Wandering This Earth by Marina V

Vampires of the West Coast by Ghost Bees

Alfred (haunted) by Hungry Lucy

The Spirit World by Josh Woodward

Ghost of John by Fugli

Dundee Ghost by Caledonix

Little Spirits by Heigo Yokouchi

Spiritwise by Subtronix

Not a Ghost by freshsunday

Take a Trip by GHOST

Your Ghost by CALABRESE

The Fearless Ghost Hunters by milk is to blood as

Ghost With the Most by B Movie Britz