Tuesday Reviews-Day | Capabunga Reusable Wine Caps


I know, I know, that old saw:

What do you do with leftover wine?
You mean you have leftover wine?

Yes, as a matter of fact we do, quite often in fact. Moderation, remember? And when I’m preparing a number of wine reviews or open a bottle to cook with but don’t feel like drinking the rest that night, into the fridge it goes.

Recorking sometimes happens, but more times than not it’s easier to use one of the buck-a-pop lever-style wine sealers we picked up at Bed, Bath & Beyond some years ago. Granted, those sometimes pop off of their own accord, and I wouldn’t necessarily trust them if the bottle was laying on its side, but they work more times than not. This is one of those areas that screw-top bottles do have a bit of an advantage.

So when I was contacted about the new Capabunga reusable cap for wine bottles, I was intrigued.


True, the name made me laugh (TMNT anyone?) but when they arrived I really liked the look of them, enough to briefly consider ordering them as wedding favors for our wine-themed fete later this year ($7.95 a pair is fine for personal use, but a little on the high side for wedding favors). They come in a variety of colors with cute sayings like His/Hers, Drink Me/Be Wine, Retox/Wine Jail, and the above I earned it/Me Time sets, and really would make a nice hostess gift along with a bottle of wine or two.

Named and designed after the silicone bung (or stopper) that is used on oak aging barrels, the most important questions is do they work? Do they fit easily onto an open wine bottle and prevent spills and leaks while the bottle is on its side?

From what I can tell, absolutely!

Putting it on was way simpler than recorking an open bottle or even using one of those lever-seals (that sometimes don’t) and after a week my test bottle showed absolutely no signs of leaking. Good show! Of course, then there was the matter of getting the cap off to pour the rest of the wine, but even that was accomplished with very little effort.

From what I can tell, the Capabunga is available direct from their site only right now, though I’d imaging they’ll start popping up in your favorite winery’s gift shops before too long. And it looks like they will do custom imprints (minimum order of 200) and wholesale pricing, too.



I received a set of Capabunga resuable wine caps for purpose of review. All opinions are my own.