Random Acts Radio Rewind: Songs that Go Bump in the Night


Friday is Halloween and it’s my absolute favorite holiday, bar none. In honor of that, I want to take you back in time–4 years ago, to be exact–when the first incarnation of Random Acts Radio was still going strong and I put together a truly awesome holiday podcast. If I do say so myself (obviously I do). It’s my old (read as: talkative) format, and I thought about redoing it to get rid of all that but I think it really holds up, so we’re going to leave it as-is. I’m even leaving in the short story by yours truly just before the 1 hour mark.

And since this episode has fallen off the iTunes playlist, you could almost consider this re-cast a public service. Or something like that..

In this episode:

Happy Halloween–Ben Twisted
Costume Party–CAMIL
What Should I Be on Halloween–Eric Strom
PC Halloween–Devo Spice
Married a Magician–Dust Poets
A Rabbit for Halloween–Marc Gunn
Halloween (remix)–The Coffinshakers
Midnight Spookshow–Calabrese
Monsters–Common Ground
Vampire in My Town–Elsinore
Skeletons and Spirits–Allison Crowe
Madam Fright–The Hamsteaks
Zombie Werewolf Alien Vampire Monsters—The Volume Brothers
Vampires–The Wet Darlings
The Witching Hour–Robin Brock
The Howl–Thee Merry Widows
Halloween Girl–Ghosts on the Radio
Howl at the Moon–Devi
Halloween–Fishing for Comets
Halloween Mistake–Cantrip
Gallows Hill–Josh Woodward
The Bottom of the Grave–Bryan Scary

Hope you have a fabulous Halloween and remember to play safe out there!