Meet the Whites: Sauvignon Blanc


Savvy Savignon Bark from Waggy Tails Whinery

Last week we talked light-and-crisp Pinot Grigio and this week we’re only taking a half-step up, really, with Sauvignon Blanc.

One of the major white wine grapes, Sauvignon Blanc can be found bottled as the stand-alone varietal (sometimes labeled Pouilly-Fumé from the Loire Valley of France, or Fumé Blanc from certain California bottlers) or blended into other wines, such as the sweet dessert wine, Sauterne.

I say it’s only a half-step up because, depending on the bottle, it can fall into the light-bodied category or medium. It’s still a super-safe wine for folks who aren’t sure what to drink, mostly because it’s not oak-aged but in rare cases so doesn’t have that woodsy quality that so many folks (including myself) dislike about Chardonnay.

While France is it’s native home, California produces fine Sauvignon Blancs, and I’ve heard that New Zealand does fabulous things with them, too.

What you’re looking for in a Sauvignon Blanc is a pale color and a fresh green grass or grapefruit aroma. Some will have a buttery or creamy flavor to them, maybe vanilla, but overall pleasing to most palates and with most foods.

Any sort of poultry or seafood pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc and it’s great with goat cheese, smoked cheeses, fruits and vegetables. In doubt about what to serve at your next cocktail hour? Pick up some bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and worry no more.

Now, you might notice the label on this week’s picture features a Basset Hound. That bottle isn’t Sauvignon Blanc–it’s Savvy Savignon Bark, from “Waggy Tail Whinery”. This Sauvignon Blanc comes from Chile by way of the Gainesville-based Suncoast Basset Rescue, and a portion of the proceeds go to help fund the fostering and placement of hounds waiting on their forever home.