Nothing major happened in my corner of the food world this week, but there are a few smaller bites to be had. After all, sometimes all you want to do is graze.

Ordering From the Wall

On Friday night, Todd and I took the recommendation of a friend and tried out a new-to-us Asian restaurant. Tan’s Asian Cafe is a tiny little spot next to a popular garden center and the menu we were presented read just like any other take-out place, with maybe more than it’s fair share of misspellings. But it had Bubble Tea, and the only other place in our corner of town that had it I have a significant issue with their business practices, so I was willing to wait it out.

The menu may have looked pretty standard, but on the wall were pictures of food and names. These we took to be their specialties. On thing I learned years ago is to always order a specialty of the house whenever possible, that’s when you learn if they’re worth a repeat trip.

Oh, man, was our trust not betrayed. I ordered Rendang–it’s like Malaysian pot roast, the way they serve it–and was amazing. Todd got the Chicken Curry and was also quite happy–so much so that he pretty much inhaled the entire spicy plate. We neglected to order egg rolls but we didn’t need to. And our Bubble Teas? So worth the wait (they came out midway through the entree but were like dessert, so it was totally fine).

A True Tamale

A kind friend has some Tucson Tamale Company tamales shipped to me, this week, as I’d never tried a tamale of any sort. Since we were having friends over on Sunday, we decided to share the wealth and serve them up with the rest of the predominantly tex-mex fare that evening.

Oh. My. Word.

First of all, I had no idea you could even have sweet tamales. The “Tahiti,” filled with grilled pineapple, mango and coconut was amazingly sweet. Some friends likened it to a really good apple pie (thanks, mostly, to the seasonings included–you know how flavor memories can do that), which makes me want to try an apple pie with a sweet cornmeal crust, now. I just thought it was heaven.

And of the savory tamales, I was absolutely in love with the Green Corn ones. It was like the smoothest, creamiest cheese grits with bits of jalapeno stirred in. I could have curled up into and gone to sleep, with sweet corn dreams my companion.

Food With Friends

I’ve never been good with group projects, it’s just not how I roll.  But we’ve lucked into a group of friends who is just as appreciative of good food as Todd and I are and are not shy about sharing.

Over the holidays we had several opportunities to dine with these fine folks and, let me tell you, for a self-professed control-freak when it comes to hospitality, it’s been a real pleasure to step back, let others take part in planning and preparation of a meal. Mostly, though, because I know they can deliver.

Trust is a funny thing, but I don’t think it’s misplaced to need to trust those who take a role in feeding you. After all, what we put in our bodies is a pretty major thing.

And thinking of it like that, makes me ever more grateful for those who come to our house for a meal and trust me to feed them well.

So, what’s happening in your corner of the kitchen?