Ode to a Toaster Oven


It started back in college life

Those heady days all on our own

When catching meals was full of strife

And home cooking did we disown


But to prep frozen pot pies was less than your due

Though what else could you really produce?

The years without you were not found wanting.

Until, that day, when we were so blue

No response from the range could be seduced

And our dinner plans so needed rescuing.


And there you were like a dutiful wife

Your element hot as a missile’s nose-cone

Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife

Saving us from take-out via phone.


After two and a half weeks without a working oven, Todd’s little toaster oven that could got us through several dinners. And even though it was small, it was mighty in it’s timely cooking of everything from steaks to hash brown casserole, so I decided it needed a little tribute all it’s own.

[Image via Amazon.com; line 13 of the ode borrowed–with all due respect–from Meat Loaf (which is sorta fitting if you think about it!)]