Beds are Not Just for Sleeping!

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It is the weekend and, if I have my druthers, I love to sleep in very late on weekend mornings. My world is just find and dandy if I do not see the a.m. side of noon on a Saturday without a good reason. Sundays, of course, I try to split the difference and be up by 10 so that I don’t feel I’ve wasted a day, but sleeping in on a Saturday is anything but a waste.


What is there better to do but wake up, realize it’s rainy and dreary outside and curl up under the covers and read a good book start-to-finish with a cup of coffee or tea beside you? Sunny and warm? Close the shades and put on a disc of gentle rain sounds and pretend.

How wonderful it is to be surprised by breakfast in bed? If it’s noon, call it brunch. Even if you’re just fixing a bowl of cereal for yourself and bringing it back to the cozy spot.

Why not plan an picnic on evening for you and your sweetheart? Spread a throw on the bed, light some candles, play some soft music, and put together a spread of fresh fruit, cheeses, crackers and other small finger foods that you can eat with your fingers or feed to one another. Worried about glasses spilling? A tray table scooted up to the foot of the bed and draped with a cloth will keep messes to a minimum.

*  *  *

This weekend I do plan on spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen working on recipes for the cookbook and participating in a cooking challenge (check out Nibbles on the 15th for the results of that, it has to stay very hush-hush til then).

How will you spend your weekend?