Geek Food Alert!


Do you know what today is? It’s Pi(e) Day!

Okay, sure, the offical National PIE Day is January 23, but on March 14, geeks everywhere celebrate our own PI Day.

(And for the numerically disinclined, Π = 3.14159, so when the digital calender reads 3.14, we see Pi!)

This happens every year, of course, but what usually happens is I always remember too late to do something for it. Not only did I make it a point to have it on my calendar at the beginning of the year, but I scheduled it enough in advance that not only will we have pie for dessert, tonight, but I baked the pie early enough to blog it!

Our pie is a double-crust mincemeat (it was already in the pantry, I planned ahead, but only so much) baked in a false-bottom tart pan for easy serving.

A squared mincemeat pie for Pi Day

And, yes, my pie? Are square 😉

Are you doing anything special for Pi Day?

PS: Our friends at Lofty Pursuits would like to remind you that tomorrow, March 15, is National Egg Cream day. Never had one? Find your nearest soda fountain and give one a whirl!