“Firehose of Creativity”

Everyday Adventures

That phrase, in an email from an old friend, made me giggle this morning.

What didn’t make me giggle was the lack of word from the doctor. Blah. So I’m still waiting to see if Tuesday morning was a waste or not or if we’re ever going to figure me out.

But I did get _some_ good news: My name is finally right on my PayPal account, now! Yay! See, back when I set up my account in 2000 I had a different last name. When I changed it legally it really didn’t seem that big a deal to not go through the hassle of supplying documents, etc to PayPal to effect the change (hoops, they have them). But, since I plan to open pre-orders for the RA Year 1 Book in the next month or so I wanted there to be no question of who was doing business here. So last week I trundled through the process again and found that you can now upload scans of the required documents (and thank goodness the Clerk of Court has actual scans of documents on their website, made things so easy)! Yay! But there was still no sign of the change as of today so I sent them a polite status request email and wonder of wonders, it’s now updated! Whee! I’m me again 🙂