Link Love: Paper Cuts

64 Arts

That’s the good, intentional, artistic type of paper cuts. Not the accidental owie type.

As promised, I wanted to share a few resources for paper cutting/scherenschnitte for those who might want to explore the technique a little more or just like the very pretty things to look at.

Rob Ryan and

Rob Ryan does these intricate, funky, organic, word-filled papercuts that just blow my mind. His style is very distinctive and it’s really something to check out if you like the more freeform types of art as opposed to some of the more stylized examples you might see elsewhere.

allaboutPapercutting by Elsa Mora

Elsita’s paper cuts are absolutely exquisite and I get a little thrill when she posts a new piece. Her papers are just so detailed I could look at them for hours and even a quick glance will teach you something about the craft. I especially like the way she’s able to add textures so effectively. Take a close look at her pieces and see the fantastic details she adds in every corner. Exquisite! (wait, I already said that, but it’s true enough to say twice!)

“Scherenschnitte” by Cindy

She does amazing work and is totally generous, too. Check out her archives for the Template Tuesday posts where she has a printable image you can use to make your own paper-cut art. I especially love the beginner templates she posted as Papercuts for Kids. Don’t be fooled by the name–those medium templates include some adorable creatures and a wee monster!

Okay, those are my top 3 paper-cutting posts. I hope you check them out and become inspired to do something creative, whether it involves paper cutting or not 🙂 What will you create today?