Well, That was Productive…

Everyday Adventures

So I finally went to the doctor today. I was sure she’d absolutely hate me for coming in with a laundry list of things that were wrong but she was actually really cool about it. The results of this are as follows:

1) I went for x-rays on my foot. It’s still sorta messed up from the slamming the piggie toes took about a month ago. The theory is that even if something is cracked in there, it may be too late to set it, but we’ll see just in case.
2) Tuesday morning I go in for two ultrasounds
2a) Abdominal because last week’s unpleasantness and the after effects sound a LOT like a gall bladder attack.
2b) Pelvic to check for fibroids (because Mom was recently dx’d with bunches of them and it’s genetic, better to, if nothing else, have a baseline for future reference) and anything else (like a sneaky carcinoid tumor or cyst or anything that could be wrong… it’s one of the few places we haven’t looked and my symptoms are back so…)
3) Bloodwork orders for next week
4) The pain in my right thumb is not Carpal Tunnel (yay!) but is tendinitis (eh). I have two more weeks in a brace and if it’s still bothering me I’m to call TOC for a cortisone shot.

Lots of bases covered but at least I feel a smidgen more in control of the situation and, well, that helps.