A Day of Rest and Random Thoughts

Everyday Adventures

Because some days all you need is a comfy couch, a soft blanket, and a good book to get lost in.

Not that I didn’t have other things to do, yesterday–I started the weekend off with quite a full to-do list in my planner. And after the flurry of accomplishment last weekend, part of me wanted to keep up the streak.

But it had been a long week, ending with Mom’s car forgetting how to talk to the transmission around mid-day Friday (early appraisal from the mechanic suggests that it’s a cable or connector between the gear shift and the transmission, not something more serious).

After our walk on Saturday–that I completed without wanting to chop off my legs 3/4 of the way through: progress!–I worked on small but important projects and made it to bed before it was super-late.

Sunday morning, though, I was dragging. I settled on the aforementioned couch intending to read for a bit, just until I woke up some more, and then I would start on that day’s list. Todd left to do the grocery shopping and returned to find me in virtually the same position. Later he went out to mow the lawn–I kept reading.

By this point I was committed to finishing the book, which took the better part of the afternoon. About the only thing I regret is that the next book in this series is not available via Kindle Unlimited, like the first one. But the first book was good enough to make it a high chance I’ll pay for the second one outright.

I have no styled or stage picture of the sofa, blanket, and book–they’re not photo worthy, just comfy. Not everything is a photo op, right?

So my laundry didn’t get done. I’m in no danger of running out of clean clothes. But the rest and relaxation? Oh, that is priceless, and way too easy to pass over sometimes.

School started in my county, today. It seems incredibly early to me. But the beginning of the school year means things will start picking up downtown and we’ll start our headlong rush towards the holidays. First things first, the weekend is First Friday and I’ll be out at Studio 209 with the Artists Collective, selling an assortment of my work (canvases, jewelry, and comics), then Saturday is the YEP Bar Crawl in celebration of the end of Thomasville’s Prohibition dry spell!


It’s open to the public so if you’re in the area, come out and play!

Supply orders have been arriving for the first Creative Mischief Kits, which will start shipping in September. Four out of Five night, last week, saw boxes waiting on my doorstep. In order to get on the mailing list (and get a chance to order the kits early and at a reduced price) head over to TheCraftyBranch.com to sign up for our mailing list.