Our First Disappointment

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

It was bound to happen–the first time we get our hearts set on something, the both of us, of course it’s not going to work out.

Sure, we were able to make several decisions–at least the broad strokes–pretty early on and with minimal drama (when, the basic guest list, that sort of thing). But many bits of the wedding hinged on one very important factor: Where.

Once we had the theme in mind, a wine-themed wedding held at an actual winery seemed like just the ticket and we knew the perfect one: Lakeridge Vineyard and Winery in Clermont, Florida, just outside of Orlando. Sure, it would mean everyone would have to travel–but for our out-of-towners, flying into a major city would be so much simpler for them. Plus, my brother just bought a house about half an hour away from the site of our dreams so we had the perfect crash pad for planning visits and the fam would have a home base for the actual event.

To the Internet I went, searching to see if weddings had been done there, before (since their website didn’t say anything about them specifically). Turns out that some gorgeous weddings had been held there, judging by the photographers portfolios I found, and might actually be an affordable location. *swoon*

Collage of images from Lakeridge Winery

Sources: top photo, Pilster Photography; bottom photos, Sandra Johnson Photography

But, then the dread started to creep in. There was a link to a Facebook fan page of the wedding planning branch of the Winery. That didn’t work. Nor would a search retrieve it. And the websites that referenced the location were all months or years old.

So I screwed up my courage and just sent them an email already. And the reply came back quickly. Too quickly.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve recently made the decision to stop doing weddings at our location.”


(no pun intended)

Oh, Lakeridge, you were the destination wedding of our dreams but it was not to be. We won’t hold it against your wine and I’m sure we’ll stop by again on some trip or another. But we’ll miss the wedding we could have had there.

Still, there’s always plan B, right?

Whatever that was.

Did you have a location plan go south on you?
How did you recover?