First Impressions: Kiku Japanese Fusion


The other night I just flat-out did NOT feel like cooking.

I’d been craving some “real” sushi for weeks and decided that would be the night we’d try out Kiku, a sushi place just up the road that was forever advertising a buy-one-get-one sushi roll special.

Because of the advertisements I was expecting something along the lines of a Sumo Sabi (the fast-food of sushi, essentially) but I’d heard good things about their quality. However, when we walked in, we were met with dark wood, dim lighting, and an extensive menu of rolls, maki, and other delicacies.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The rumors of their quality were not exaggerated. Todd and I each partook of the BOGO (which, for supper, consisted of purchasing one of their specialty rolls and getting a more “standard” roll for free) and that gave us each plenty of food for a meal, even though at first glance it didn’t look like all that much.

The thing about sushi is that you don’t just wolf it down and ask for more. If you savor each piece and actually have a conversation while you eat, your body registers it’s fullness by the end of the meal, not when you’re in the middle of seconds and have already gone too far!

Todd chose the Fire Dragon Maki and the (crabmeat) Spicy Roll…

Crabmeat Spicy Roll and Fire Dragon Maki from Kiku Japanese Fusion, Tallahassee, Florida

While I went with the Candy Bar Maki and the Spider Roll.

Spider Roll and Candy Bar Maki from Kiku Japanese Fusion, Tallahassee, FL

It’s tough to choose a favorite. We both shared a piece of each of our rolls but otherwise reveled in our choices. With a name like Candy Bar you kind of expect indulgence. Still, it hard to describe the creaminess of this roll. Part of it was due to the avocado, of course, but it as more than just that. The silky texture, the mild but not bland flavor–every time I think about it I want to go back and get another one!

It was so good, in fact, that Todd admitted he wasn’t really sure he was in the mood for sushi when I suggested it, but by the end of the meal he was more than a little glad he came.

With the buy-one-get-one deal, our supper of delicious sushi cost just a smidgen over $40, including tip. It’s not something we’ll be doing on a regular basis, but definitely high on the list when we’re next craving sushi. And their lunch specials seem even more reasonable, price-wise (though the selection is relatively limited for the BOGO specials).

I’ve decided to start rating these reviews and impressions. Based on this singular experience, I’m giving our meal at Kiku Japanese Fusion 5 out of 5 Bites.


This impression of Kiku Japanese Fusion, located at 3491 Thomasville Rd, Suite 12, in Tallahassee, Florida, was unsolicited and based purely on the experience of the writer.