44 Hair Care | Hairdresser Confessions

64 Arts


Back in the dim mists of time (or last year, before the wedding took over what was left of my life) we had gotten as far as body and hair care (Art #44 on our journey through the 64 Arts). I thought about skipping the creative prompts–after all, they were pretty new and it had been a while, why not just move on to the next art?

Because I love the creative prompts and I wish I’d been doing them from the start, that’s why! So, now I’m picking up where I left off with 3 prompts for you to do with what you will. Journal them, doodle them, pick one and take some sort of action or even just ponder them. How you use the prompts is up to you, but if you’d care to share what you did I’m always eager to hear/see!

1. Hairdresser Confession: It’s kind of cliche, but hairdressers have a reputation (a lot like bartenders) for being good listeners or even lay-therapists. I mean, what else can you do when they’ve got you by the hair for an hour (or three, if you’re getting color treatments)? Think about the deepest conversation you ever had with your hairdresser, or maybe the thing you always wished you could talk about but were too shy–did (would) talking about it help? Did it bring you any closure? And have you ever not gone back to a particular hairdresser after spilling some juicy secret about yourself?

2. Color Coefficient: One of the most fun, if short-lived, things I ever did was have vibrant red streaks put in my hair. I’d always wanted to do something wild for a change and it occurred to me that there was no good reason not to. (I may have a fairly conservative day-job, but a wild hairdo/color wouldn’t really stop me from doing it.) Now, after 3 hours for the first go and it not lasting through the weekend and a second try that lasted not quite 2 weeks, I learned that red is really hard to keep vivid and that some wild ideas are more work than I want to invest in. It was fun while it lasted, though–have you ever done anything wild with your hair? What’s stopping you?!

3. Constant Change: A quote I go back to quite often is ‘the only thing constant is change.’ In terms of hair, the one thing you can count on, even with the worst haircut ever, is that hair grows back (laser treatments and baldness notwithstanding). Todd often says that the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is 2 weeks. (Think about it…) So, while things can seem dire when the results of our actions turn out unexpectedly, the one thing we can always count on is that the situation will not stay the same. What situation in your life seemed like a bad haircut at first, but really did get better?

Here’s to a creative week, then. May you be open to the inspiration around you and, if all else fails, go play with your hair!