Highway to Happiness: Presto Change-o!

Wedding Recaps

After we’d hugged our last guests on their way to the Owl’s nest, we hopped in the waiting golf cart and scooted on down to our cottage to take those posed getaway pictures that we’d wanted to do earlier. All’s well that ends well, yes?

But is that the only reason we stepped away for a moment? Not hardly. I had a wardrobe change to make!


See, about 3 weeks before the wedding (while I was home, alone, bored out of my mind, and energy-sapped from the untimely bout of pneumonia) I had mustered up enough energy to try on my wedding dress to check how much to hem my crinoline. Sitting down for a bit, still in the dress, I realized that I wasn’t really interested in sitting in a boned bodice for the duration of our brunch–it wasn’t that it was truly uncomfortable, just that it was structured and I don’t often wear super-structured clothing. And then there was the unfortunate habit of boned bodices to scootch up into your armpits the longer you sit in them.

And that’s how I became a 2-dress bride at the very last minute!

I’d ordered a total of three dresses to choose from, returned one as soon as it arrived and kept a second one that was cute, just not right for the reception. The “winning” dress was a simple, flowy empire-waist taupe dress from Jessica London that matched my shoes pretty spot-on, and had some satin details to keep it from being too plain. It worked fairly well with the cardigan, too, and was incredibly comfortable, especially after the confines of the big, poofy ceremony dress.

After finishing up our getaway pictures I dashed inside and, while I didn’t time it, made what I’m sure is the quickest dress change outside of musical theatre or runway shows. Roadie came in with a question from the photographer if we wanted one more photo before I changed and I was already 3/4 done–I didn’t want to keep our guests waiting any longer than necessary!


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