Imagine That – Behind the Garden Wall

In The Studio

For my next project for Imagine I decided to see how VersaFine Clair did with a gel plate and create a monoprint.

You never know exactly what’s going to happen with gel prints–I had one idea in mind and, per the usual, ended up somewhere rather different. But, once again, I don’t mind!

Instead of one monoprint, I technically created two, then layered them after chopping a hole in the first one to show this little bunny (a chipboard piece I’d used as a mask and then incorporated into the final piece) behind/through the brick wall.

As far as the VersaFine Clair, well, it did wonderfully on the gel plate. It gave an interesting, almost textural coverage on the paper and the natural translucency of the ink is definitely an asset when doing a multi-layer print.

To see just how this composition came to be, hop on over to the Imagine blog!