Loving Fall at the Farmers’ Market!


What’s your favorite season?

Mine has always been fall. It’s cool without being cold, the air is crisp, it’s the season of football (and marching bands!) and Halloween and Thanksgiving.

And with yesterday’s trip to the farmers’ market, after a month or so absence due to schedule conflicts, I’ve got another reason to love fall:

Fall Farmers' Market Haul

It was so many of my veggie favorites all wrapped up in one shopping trip: Brussels sprouts (still on the stalk!), turnips, beets, squash, massive sweet potatoes, daikon radishes and wonderful kale. And that’s just what I brought home this week.

I’m so looking forward to hearty stews  and soups, roasted vegetables and stuffed anything else. Tis the season for some very good eatin’!

What are you excited about, be it from your local farmers’ market or you corner store?