I So Needed That!

Everyday Adventures

And by that, I mean an honest to goodness day off this weekend.

I checked a big, huge item off my to-do list at work on Friday so it felt like a good time to start reclaiming some me-time on the weekends. It wasn’t a complete sloth of a weekend since I had to go grocery shopping and had a few design team projects to work on, but I made the most of it!

Saturday morning Todd took Duncan to the dog park so I could sleep in a bit. I was already awake when they left, so I put the time to good use by working on my current knitting project (Interweave Knits’ Washington Square Vest) and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Aside from a quick client call mid-afternoon, that’s what I did for the rest of the day, too, only switching to “work” mode after supper to put together this week’s menu and grocery list, pay bills, etc.

Sunday wasn’t so bad, either, from a non-taxing standpoint. I ddin’t have to go down to Tallahassee, after all (my former boss took a Sunday drive up my way and brought me a file I needed, instead), though Duncan totally wigged out when he found Bob in our front hallway.

Now, Duncan met Bob the day after we picked him up (Duncan, that is). He came to work with me several times after that and Bob was quite generous with the treats and pets. So I think we were both shocked that Duncan not only wouldn’t come to Bob as he stood just inside the doorway but barked his head off, fur raised on the back of his neck, and fear-piddled in the hall as he pulled a barking reverse.

Dude, way to be friendly.

Of course Bob thought it was hilarious and actually told Duncan “good boy” a few times. I’m not sure I agree! I’d like to have visitors over from time to time, our friends and what not, without Duncan losing his ever-lovin’ mind!

My theory is, because he’s never acted this way before, that he was spooked by Bob just “appearing” and that maybe, just maybe, if he’d been with me at the door to greet the visitor he wouldn’t have looked at his like an intruder?

Not sure. But we might have to give all future visitors a few treats to appease the beast.