Step AWAY From the Planner!

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Stack of wedding planning binder, sketchbook and magazines
Trust me, it’s okay.

Sometimes we need a break, even from the joy and happy happy fun times that wedding planning can be. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and, sometimes, life just takes over and you’ve gotta hit that pause button.

I have yet to get any closer to choosing a location–the linchpin of my planning, I think–and I’ve still got to put the finishing touches on the menu suggestions for one place to finish their quote to us. Silly me, I though I’d have that done 2 weeks ago!

Even though I’d hoped to get some work done on various projects this weekend, all I was capable of doing was the mindless task of cleaning up my home office. Good news: I can see the floor AND my desk! That hasn’t happened in quite some time, I can assure you.

Something about the monotony of putting things back into their place is comforting. The exertion of moving boxes and sweeping floors almost enough to clear your mind of whatever’s taking up too much space.


One wedding thing I managed, though, was to condense two wedding binders into one and file away some business cards and postcards that had begun to pile up. It was a small thing, and I still have the bag from the TAWP show to go through and file, but it’s something that made a noticeable difference in the remaining clutter.

I almost feel like I can dive back in, again.


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What do you do when you need a break from planning?