How to Make a Frontgate-Inspired Doll Bench | #StashCraft19 Week 1

In The Studio

For the first week of the #StashCraft19 challenge I decided not only to craft from my stash, but also complete a project I’ve been meaning to do for a few months, now.

I began work on a doll room over the summer and made the first of the benches then. It turned out so well that I knew I needed to not only make another, but also share how easy it was.

As far as the challenge is concerned, this one is 100% stash–not a single cent was spent in the making of this bench and I still have enough supplies to at least do another bench or ottoman before having to scrounge up some more foam core.

The video includes the supply list and full instructions on how to make the bench for a 12-inch (or similar) doll.

Coming up next week: An altered board book!



My Mommy Went to Alaska and All I Got Was This Lousy Head-Cold

Just for Fun

Does anyone else remember those souvenir t-shirts? Are they even still a thing? If not, there’s a very good change today’s title will not be nearly as funny to you as it was to me.

Oh, well.

To elaborate: Mom went on a 10-day Alaskan cruise with my aunt and when I picked her up from the airport way back on the Thursday before the holiday weekend, it was a very snuffly parent that greeted me. Sometime between me driving her home and her coming to work the next day was just enough time to expose me to enough germs so that by the following Tuesday (that would be last week) I was starting to feel a bit off.

And I went from slight sore throat and hoarse cough to my head wants to explode out of my cheekbones in less than 12 hours. By Saturday I’d gone from sinus-splitting pressure to it settling in my chest (which, pain-wise, is a good thing… good is relative in upper respiratory world). I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping and precious little else, totally botching my to-do lists in a major way.

Unless you count rewatching a few seasons of Buffy a valid to-do check point. (I’m almost through season 4, aka the point at which I consider the series effective ending except for a couple of special episodes that are purely stand-alone.)

In need of some small jobs that wouldn’t trigger the hacking up of a lung or super cerebral function, I’ve actually managed to start work on the dolly dorm for my numerous little Pullips, Blythes, and Dals. I drew up plans for sets of bunk beds (all but one of the 18 spots is claimed, I suppose that means I have to stop buying them) to fit on a single shelf of the designated doll bookcase, and now have 18 fabric-covered styrofoam mattresses and 20 stuffed pillows with their own pillow cases complete, and fabric cut for the 18 duvet-style quilts for said bunks. Todd was kind enough to pick up some hardware cloth on a recent trip to Lowes, and I’m a couple packages of clothespins away from having 9 sets of very cut bunk beds.

pint-sized sewing accomplishments

pint-sized sewing accomplishments

I realize it seems odd to work on a doll’s house when my own needs so much work, but the instant gratification feels pretty awesome. Especially compared to the long slog of  big house projects still ahead of us.

Needless to say, I think the housewarming party is indefinitely postponed. I need to be able to breathe before I can finish getting the house ready for guests!