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In a Paper Garden

In a Paper Garden

For the April edition of The Dirt, Gauche Alchemy’s monthly newsletter (sign up form is on the GA sidebar), my contribution was the sweet little assemblage that I’ll called In a Paper Garden. A little bit Alice in Wonderland, a little bit who knows what, it all started with the metal trellis I found at Hobby Lobby one day. That plus some paint and mists, vellum bits from my stash, and material and ribbons from the generous prize box I won on fellow alchemist Amy’s  blog over the holidays combined with my own digital stamp (still available in my etsy shop).

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and now it’s hanging up on my inspiration wall over my desk.

Speaking of newsletters, did you know I have one?

If you look on the sidebar of any of my blogs, you’ll see a sign-up form for the Helper Monkey Network News. On the first Sunday of every month I send out a out a newsletter that highlights my favorite posts from the previous month from each of my blogs:

It’s a convenient way to keep up with everything that’s going on, even if you don’t have time to visit all of my sites each week. Even if you do follow all of the above, there will be sneak previews of things comic up, a fresh un-blogged article from your’s truly, and maybe even giveaways from time to time. So if you’re curious, please sign up.

March Hare Digital Stamp Duo by Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

Introducing… Fishie Gallore!


If you get the Gauche Alchemy newsletter, The Dirt, then you may have already had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Fishie, but if not, why don’t y’all get acquainted.

Catch Me If You Can, mixed media canvas, Copyright 2013 Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

Catch Me If You Can canvas for Gauche Alchemy

This canvas started out as a way to use some postcard images shared by fellow Alchemist Marilyn, but then took a turn towards art therapy when I suffered a creative disappointment (no worries, I’m over it now) and was feeling a little down. I needed a fish image that was basically “giving the fin” to the others, and there was nothing else to do but draw her myself.

Closeup of Fishie Gallore by Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

“Suck it, Fishes!” She’s one sassy piece of tailfin!

I could have stopped there, but I’ve been having fun with the concept of digital stamps, so decided to go through the scanning and cleaning-up she’d require to make her usable by me and others. You can now find Ms. Fish in my etsy store, along with some other digital stamp designs just in time for Easter.


Easter Lily has a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe to it.

Easter Lily Digital Stamp by Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

While March Hare and Bottoms Up are much more playful (I can never resist a good pun!).

March Hare Digital Stamp Duo by Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

Bottoms Up Digital Stamp Duo by Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

If you’ve never played with digital stamps before, they’re a bit of a cross between clip art and rubber stamps. They work the same as a rubber stamp in that you can print them out, color them, and use them on cards, scrapbook layouts, tags, and for other personal, decorative items; but since they’re digital you can resize them and flip them around–things I’ve always wished you could easily do with rubber stamps. The files you’ll receive are all hi-res jpeg and png files made from my original drawings that I’ve scanned, that you can open in any word processing or photo software (like Open Office Writer, Word, Photoshop Elements, even Paint).

(Clicking any of the stamp images above should take you right to my etsy page.)

Any questions, just ask!