Delay of Post Penalty: Excessive Celebration Cooking

Everyday Adventures

Today’s post is going to be a bit delayed–I ended up spending all of Monday night in the kitchen making dinner, trying out this month’s ICC recipe and making 3 King Cakes for Mardi Gras.

See? My time-mismanagement is my office’s windfall.

King Cakes

Goldilocks-like trio of King Cakes

So…. the post I had planned and roughed out for today will show up either late tonight or maybe Wednesday. (Kinda depends on how many Hurricanes we have, tonight!)

In the mean time, and speaking of food, if you’d like to see what I get up to in the kitchen, make sure to check out Nibbles & Bites–this week I’ve got my current take on a Culinary School favorite.

UPDATE: Exhaustion is doing me in, this week–we’ll be back to discuss rings and things next week.