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Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning
digital collage by Miss Road Trip

digital collage by Miss Road Trip

You know the rhyme, right?

Men seldom make passes

at girls who wear glasses.

Passes were, thankfully, never really a problem (though I did have one male roommate do a bit of a double-take when I finally got contacts for a spell).
I wear glasses. Big deal. So does Mr. Road Trip for that matter, and aside from the occasional nose-smudge or necessity of a head-turn during a hug, it’s no problem on the day-to-day.

And, yet, they are bringing up a couple of thinking points when thinking about the wedding.

My first wedding my glasses weren’t quite the necessity that they are today: I just took them off and didn’t worry about it. The second wedding was an elopement and I may have been wearing contacts back then. I know the photos we went for after the quickie courthouse ceremony were spec-free, so I definitely didn’t wear them!

Why is this such a big deal? I love my eyes but they’re not huge, limpid pools and, being nearsighted, the lenses make them look even smaller. Eye make-up becomes practically non-existent behind them, lashes too.

This mucks about with my eye-deas of how bridal eyes should look. Not to mention the glare from the sun or lights that gets reflected in them. They also tend to get in the way of certain side-swept hairstyles.

I suppose I could go back to contacts for the ceremony and reception. Sure, it’s another thing to add to the list and another expense, but I’d get my pretty eyes out of the deal. Worth an extra $100 expenditure? Maybe. But then would I look like “me” since the real me is a glasses any time I’m awake sort of girl.

You know, guys have it so easy–

Except that Mr. Road Trip wears those transitions lenses that go dark in sunlight and unless something changes it’s going to look like he’s wearing smoked lenses for the pre-wedding and ceremony.

What’s a four-eyed-girl and groom to do?!

What I’ve settled on is, first, getting new lenses. I had my eyes checked last spring and my prescription hasn’t changed, but when I got these lenses I passed on the anti-glare coating. Back then it wasn’t such a big deal–I wasn’t exactly getting my photo taken a lot. But  with the anti-glare on the new lenses, the glasses will blend into my face much better, and you’ll actually be able to see my eyes and my carefully-considered eye make-up. And speaking of make-up, I’m probably going to forgo false lashes–I love the look but they’d likely brush against the lenses and that would drive me batty. Instead, I’ll concentrate of mascara that makes my lashes look fuller and just leave it at that.

T’s going to get new lenses, too, as we agree the transitions lenses are a bad idea for wedding photos. (And life in general–they darken quickly but take forever to clear up, and don’t darken in the car when he could actually use them!) He’s overdue for an eye exam, though, and fears bifocals may be in his near future. If so, it’s better than not seeing at all, right?

Did you have any non-traditional concerns when planning your own wedding?