Review | Concannon Irish Whiskey

Image via Concannon Irish Whiskey

Image via Concannon Irish Whiskey

Even though I’m not much of a whiskey drinker, when I heard about a whiskey made by a winemaker, I admit I was a little more than intrigued. Concannon Vineyards has just released their Concannon Irish Whiskey, created in tribute to the 4th-generation winemaker’s great-grandfather, James Concannon. The whiskey spends at least 4 years in bourbon barrels and then, and this is the winemaker coming out, another 4 months in Petite Sirah barrels before blending into a finished whiskey.

That little touch is supposed to add a fruitier quality to the whiskey and I could definitely tell a difference from the smokier tones of the other whiskeys I’ve tried. Tough it’s still not something I’d make a point of sipping straight–it’s a bit strong for me as-is.

That said, it’s great for mixing while still keeping all the wonderful warmth of the whiskey. Scotch and soda is a common mixed drink, right? Well, Concannon suggests mixing their Irish whiskey with a long pour of ginger ale for a change. I found the combo to be very tasty. And, of course, with St Patrick’s Day right around the corner, having an Irish whiskey on hand just goes without saying, right?

Come back on Friday for a wonderful turn on the essential Irish Coffee–a perfect way to start your St Patrick’s Day brunch or to treat your hangover with the hair of the dog the next morning.


I received a sample of Concannon Irish Whiskey for purpose of review. All opinions expressed are my own.