Heading Back Into the Closet

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Continuing to muse about the Art of Dressing, I’ve hit a snag of closet proportions…


Back when we started this art, I showed you a picture of my closet. Nice, organized, everything in it’s place. Getting dressed was simple and easy, each day, because I could find what I was looking for with ease.

Before we moved, I knew I was going to need to reorganize things as I went back to a standard single-pole closet–at least for a while. The plan was thin the herd before it was time to pack it up but, well, with the chaos that surrounded the move itself, that plan fell by the wayside.

For the last three weeks, getting dressed has been a chore. A third of my close are stacked on the dresser or piled into 2 suitcases. The stuff that does (barely) fit in the closet is packed so tight that finding anything is impossible. Garments fall off the hangers but don’t fall to the floor because they’re sandwiched so tightly together. Skirts and slacks are interspersed with tops and dresses, and nothing is in color order anymore.

Chaos reigns.

The chaotic new closet

I'm embarrassed to show you this mess. (In fact, I'm not even showing you the bottom half because it is just. that. bad.)

Sure, I could take everything out, install new closet shelving, put things back in order but… is that really the best way to handle is?

Could it be, instead, that I have way too many clothes (as evidenced by the fact that I haven’t had to do laundry in the 3 1/2 weeks we’ve lived here)? Could it be, honestly, that I could stand to downsize my closet contents considerably? Could I, to be so bold, get rid of 1/3 of my clothes and still have plenty to wear?

That’s what I’m going to try, this weekend.

Of course, with a task like this, having some parameters will make the culling process go more smoothly.

Here’s what I propose as criteria for keeping an article of clothing:

  1. Fit and Flatter
  2. Wearability
  3. Do I love it?

Fit and flatter is pretty obvious: does it fit and, just because it fits does it actually flatter my coloring, figure, personality, etc.? While certain items might be a little snug here or there, we all know the exceptions we make for things we think look great on us. Wearability is the  catch: if, when I wear it, I’m constantly adjusting it, pulling at it or having to adjust my posture to make the item less pinchy (a very scientific term).

If I love it, though, I’m going to keep it. I’m not going to use the 6- or 12-month rule (as in, haven’t worn it in x months, ditch it) because some things are special occasion wear and those occasions don’t happen every 6 months. Some things are waiting for the next cruise-ship formal night for an excuse to leave their garment bag, you know? Also, items with sentimental value, even if they no longer fit, don’t have to go into the Goodwill pile. But they also don’t have to stay in the closet with the other wearables, either.

So. That’s my mission this weekend. Anyone feel up to taking on the challenge with me? What’s your keep versus toss list look like?

Maybe your closet is fine, maybe it’s your kids’ toys that have overgrown their bins, the stacks of magazines that need to be read or tossed, or even (dare I say it) craft supplies that need paring down.

I’ll let you know Tuesday how it went.