Traditional, Digital or Fusion?

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Organizing some of the bridal-show take-aways had me thinking about how much wedding planning has changed over the last 20 years.

2 decades ago–maybe even only 1–most of the planning was done on paper in one of those massive binders or spiral-bound books that you can still find in bookstores. Online involvement was spotty at best, and we definitely didn’t have tools like Pinterest!

These days, the temptation to go 100% digital with the planning is strong. It’s eco-friendly, easily portable if you can access the files via your phone, laptop or tablet, and with so much inspiration online it just. makes. sense.

And yet.

If you go to bridal shows, if you pick up magazines, what do you do?

Are you fully digital or 100% traditional?

A Digital Bride keeps everything on her iPhone or Droid. There’s an app (or 3!) for that. If she picked up a business card or flyer at a show: click and it’s on her phone. If it’s in a magazine it’s online somewhere, and she’s blowing up Pinterest with inspiration.

Meanwhile, the Traditional Bride has subscriptions to every bridal magazine being published and keeps her tear-sheets in individual binders or a complex filing system. Her moleskine is color-coordinated and her Filofax has a separate tab just for wedding plans. Online might be where she finds her vendors, but all the details are in hard copy.

Do either describe you?

Or are you like me, and a little bit of both, a Fusion Bride.

I have my Pinterest boards, but I also have my binder full of business cards, price sheets and tear sheets. I’ve got various wedding site to-do lists and a column for wedding tasks in my Planner Pad. And even though I’ve got spreadsheets galore in the cloud a la Google Docs, I have paper versions of a lot of it because scratching around with a pencil is just so much more comforting.

So, are you traditional, digital or fashionably fusion-tastic?