Haaaave You Met Whitney?

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Whitney from Much Ado About Jax, that is. Whitney was my Solidarity Sister for December’s challenge.


Solidarity Sisters is run by Susannah of Simple Moments Stick. You sign up, get paired up with another blogger, then you get a new challenge each week to chat back and forth about, helping and encouraging each other along the way. I really enjoyed getting the know Whitney and, as I’ve been blogging for ages and she’s fairly new, I had the pleasure of offering her some tips that I’ve learned over the years.

When I saw who I was paired with I was immediate a happy camper: I figured Jax had to refer to Jacksonville (it does) and we love Jacksonville. From the weekend we spent at the Jacksonville Zoo for my birthday a while back, the annual trip over for Ancient City Con each summer, and the amazing restaurants and shopping, Jacksonville is one of our favorite local getaways. (They’re also getting an IKEA in 2017, so much closer to us, even in Thomasville, than the Atlanta or Orlando stores.)

Whitney and her family call Jacksonville home and you definitely want to check out her blog if you want local event information because she’s got it! In addition, she blogs about “family inspiration, family fashion, diy projects and much more” (in her own words). Her most recent posts have been about organization and how the whole family pitches in. And even though she’s a relatively new blogger, check out her archives for some really great DIYs like her Dresser Rehab from October!

So head on over and show Whitney some love and if you want to connect with other bloggers, think about signing up for the next Solidarity Sister challenge. Sign-ups for the February challenge are going on now!

Solidarity Sisters

Aaaaand 10 points if you recognize the HIMYM reference in the title.

the 16th Art: The Art of Dressing

64 Arts

To choose garments and jewels to embellish the body, according the place and circumstances.

Who’s up for a little window shopping?

The art of dressing can be summed up in one word: STYLE.

And style is a very personal thing. While it used to be that a select few designers or magazine editors would determine silhouettes, hemlines and palettes which the majority strove to emulate, these days the number of designers is multitudinous, the off-the-rack clothing options nearly unlimited and the diy-aesthetic so entrenched that having a personal style is more achievable than ever. The globalizing effect of the Internet is not to be ignored, either!

In fact, why don’t we start there?

I don’t consider myself a fashionista or trend-follower (I tend to choose what I like from what’s available and ignore the rest), I enjoy following a few fashion blogs that keep me up on what other folks are wearing while existing on their own wonderful wavelengths:

Gala Darling

Doe Deere Blogazine

Jazzi McG

Nubby Twiglet

Even though I don’t share these ladies’ style preferences, I still love seeing how they put outfits together and live their style choices.

Do you have any fashion bloggers in your RSS-closet? Do you share their style or just like to look?