Embrace the Insanity

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“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.”
~Edwin Denby

So, you’re self-conscious? You “don’t know how” to dance? You feel awkward?

Join the club.

I’ve often been accused of spending too much time in my head, over-thinking things and not acting enough. I highly doubt I’m alone. It’s tough to come out of our shells, isn’t it? Tough to overcome that shyness or just go ahead and try something without worrying how we’ll look.

There’s a saying, I think, about the definition of bravery is being afraid of something but doing it anyway.

Perhaps, for us thinking types, we can think our way to a door. A door that leads to a dance floor.

So, what can you gain by dancing, regardless of training?

  • A natural high! Dance enough that your heart rate raises and you’re exercising in a fun way. Keep it up and you release endorphins in your brain which make you happy, like you can take on the world–or just keep on dancing.
  • Health benefits. Depending on what type of dance you’re doing, you can reap the benefits in ways from lowering your blood pressure to strengthening your bones to weight loss.
  • Community. Dancing can be done in private, sure, but getting out and taking a class or going to a club gets you living life in public, meeting new people and enjoying the social aspects of the activity.

And just think: on a busy dance floor you’re just another person enjoying the music!