A Day of Rest

Everyday Adventures

It’s a rare day when I can discard all my to-dos and just rest and relax. Even if I don’t have to leave the house, I usually have plenty to keep my occupied, usually of the be a grown-up sort.

With the exception of going to the grocery store (because putting it off would mean squeezing it into already-hectic evenings to come), I managed to do just that.

Here’s what Sunday looked like:

  • Sleep til noon
  • Take meds, brush teeth and return to bed
  • Turn on episode of Veronica Mars (I never got into the show when it was actually running, but I got curious about it when the movie came out, so I’m watching through the series thanks to Amazon Prime and my Roku box–it’s probably available on Netflix, too, I just found it on Amazon, first)
  • Foraging mission for late breakfast (have to wait 30 minutes after meds) and return with spoils to be, start another VM episode
  • Continue to binge-watch VM while cutting out patterns for doll clothing and organizing into envelopes
  • Around 5:30 decide it’s time to get showered, dressed, and brave the store for next week’s provisions
  • Home by 7:30, back into pjs, back into bed
  • Finish season 2 of VM; husband serves dinner in bed because he’s the sweetest guy in the world
  • Watch first two episodes of season 3
  • TV off just after 11pm and read a few articles in Period Living magazine
  • Back asleep by midnight

Now, it wasn’t that I suddenly had nothing to do on Sunday–there was plenty I could have been working on (and maybe should have, in some cases), but I needed the break. We were actually supposed to our gaming group over that afternoon but the plans changed, and rather than fill the hole with other things, I took the out.

Part of the reason is because I was doing this on Saturday morning:

The Lofty Pursuits Community Marching Band

The Lofty Pursuits Community Marching Band

And that was after doing this on Friday night:

Looks like I'll be wearing long skirts for a while.

Looks like I’ll be wearing long skirts for a while.

A sure-footed mountain goat I am not! In my attempt to avoid splashing my very cute (faux suede) shoes in puddles at the end of practice, Friday night, I lost my balance and ended up a bit worse for wear: knee and shin connected with one of those parking stop thingies and I did something wonkifying to my hip, as well, in the process of eventually landing ass-deep in a small lake. Nothing so bad as to keep me from walking in the parade the next day (thanks to elevation, ice, and 2 Aleve after the incident), but still not what you’d call optimal conditions.

It felt so good being a slug on Sunday that I do not regret a single thing that went un-worked-on that day. I wasn’t insta-grumpy upon waking today and I have high hopes for the rest of the week. While I don’t see getting to indulge like that on a weekly basis, it’s nice to reaffirm that my world won’t fall to pieces if I take a legit weekend off here and there.

Did anyone else engage is a recent slug-fest?