Have You Seen It?!

Just for Fun

I have been a video-uploading fiend lately! (And I still have several videos that need editing and a list of more I want to film.) So the “it” I’m talking about is my YouTube channel.

Over the last week I’ve far exceeded my once-a-week upload habit by putting up a total of five videos:


Now, that pace is probably not something I can keep up with weekly, it was just a good week for videos. Still, I do want to increase how often I’m uploading, so I’ll probably be shooting for twice a week by the end of the month.

Adventure! Mixed Media Journal

Adventure! Mixed Media Journal

A couple of the videos were design-team related, including the mixed media journal pictured above. That one’s actually part of an audition for a new team, but I’m pretty pleased with the project on it’s own whether I get the spot or not!

Sympathy Card using BoBunny papers

Sympathy Card using BoBunny papers

The Imagine Crafts team participated in a blog hop with BoBunny and while I’m not an official video-producer for IC, since this was an extra project for the month I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I’ve been on a bit of a card kick, lately, and I see no point in just keeping them around here, so if you’d like a handmade card to just show up in your mailbox one day, email me your address by using that little “Contact Me” link up at the top of the page (or just email me at jenn{at}scrapsoflife{dot}com)!

Of course, if you saw last week’s posts, they each had their own video links, but the Rose Festival video was a little sneaky-sneak on my part. We made it to several of the events this year and I took hours of footage that I managed to then condense into a mere 38 minutes and 47 seconds. I definitely need to work on my camera handling in random event settings, but practice makes perfect, right?

What I’d like to know is what you want to see videos of? Are you enjoying the View from the Countertop videos and want to see more kitchen footage? Would you like to see more crafty tutorials like the card and journal above? Or would you like to see more local events and general life stuff like the Rose Festival and the Pup-date? While I have some of all of them on my list to film, letting me know what you want to see helps me prioritize!

Also, I’m always on the hunt for new YouTubers to watch–who are you loving these days? Some of my favorites include MyFroggyStuff for their doll-craft tutorials, Sandy Allnock for her cards and COPIC videos, and both Pretty Shiny Sparkly and The Michalaks for general life/vlogging stuff. I check out my Subscriptions link each day to see if any of the channels I follow have updated and I get a little thrill when there’s a new video up from one of my current favs.

So check out the links above and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so you don’t miss an update! Not all videos have posts to tie back to, after all!

Until next time,