Weekend Extra: Singing without Music

64 Arts

(well, not really; singing IS music, as we previously established, I just meant without instruments but you probably knew that!)

I just wanted to share this very cool video of an a cappella group, Perpetuum Jazzile, performing Toto’s Africa. A cappella is always impressive, but this is a big group doing amazing things to create the various sound effects and instrumentation that was used in the original. Just so freaking cool.

I mean, really. Just the clapping is outstanding. I remember in band doing tests to see how long a group of us could clap at different rhythms/intervals–it’s tough not to sync up with your neighbors!

Anyway, a couple more posts next week on singing (since the subject’s kind of a familiar one and I didn’t want to get teachy-preachy I’m just going with the memory flow as it comes; other topics might end up more instruct-able) and then we’ll move onto instrumental music. Another fun one!!!