Pretty Money

Everyday Adventures

First things first: if your employer offers AFLAC as part of its benefits package and you haven’t enrolled: why the hell not? The coverage is generally inexpensive, the rates hardly ever change (even when plans change or are replaced, you are not forced to upgrade if you’re happy with the one you have) and it really does pay! It pays when you have certain annual screenings done (2-3 times most peoples co-pay) and pays when you miss work or have surgery. I just got the check for my gallbladder surgery/hospital stay and it totals 4 times the copay I paid. (and that copay was in the low 3 digits which means my benefit check is in the high 3 digits!) Seriously, folks, sign up!!!

And the progress update: next Tuesday’s strip is complete and Wednesday & Thursday will be done tomorrow. Depending on how long the street-lining takes (I’m trying to add depth with just lines and dots, streets get lots of very fine lines and next week involves cars so there’s a lot of street to cover) I may actually be able to get my first 2 eHow examples done tomorrow night as well! If not, it’ll be Saturday (Friday’s are saved, whenever possible, for R&R with Spectrum) and I’ll be in good shape for my first deadline. So far, so good, and that’s all I’m sayin’ …