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You know, it’s very hard for people to surprise me (good or bad). On the one hand it really is due to my overly sensitive prowess of perception [how convoluted is that phrase?] which stems directly from my dislike of being caught unawares and not knowing how to react. Thus, I play through dozens of scenarios in my mind, deciding how I’ll respond or playing through effects so that I’m prepared.

This does make it harder for friends to grant me happy surprises, but it also shores me up for the more unpleasant ones as well. You know what they say: ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst.’

Well, I have to admit I’ve been shocked and amazed not once, not twice, but 3 times recently by a single individual. And, frankly, none of them have been good. The most recent surprise left me dumbfounded and semi-speechless sitting on my sofa last night (but not for long…) and I’m still a little shell-shocked from it. I can only hope that this trifecta of surprise (and, honestly, disappointment) has run its course because the injured parties could, at most recent count, be stacked like cordwood.

And just to add icing to the bitter cake: my ‘service engine soon’ light came on last night. Surprise! …

One thought on “Surprise!

  1. I think I know what the first surprise was…if I knew the second, I might be able to prevent more of them!

    Completely taken aback by a injured parties ‘stacked like cordwood’ – tell me who they are and I’ll correct that…

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