Speaking of Old

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You know how as you age what you thought was old doesn’t seem as old anymore? Well, reality can really clash that around for you.

Our production supervisor at work called in sick yesterday, thinking he had the flu or something. Later that day he called his wife to come pick him up and take him to the doctor: he was having a heart attack. Today we found out that it was actually his 2nd heart attack, the first one having occurred 4 months ago when he thought he was just having really bad indigestion. Um, yeah. He’s 45.

Holy Crap! I’m 32, okay, and 45 seems like it’s just around the corner. While I know that heart attacks can happen at any age and it didn’t help that he was a smoker and he seldom went to the doctor, still! It’s not a comforting thought.

Thankfully he seems to be doing well after having 2 stints put in 1 artery and strict orders regarding diet, stopping smoking and cholesterol and blood thinning drugs but dude…

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