Sleepy Tuesday

Everyday Adventures

Not sure what was really going on but I just couldn’t get with it, today. I fought sleep constantly. Granted, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn’t able to shower this morning. Apparently there has been a water main leak during the day, yesterday, that resulted in decreased water pressure to the complex. So things ran slow, but they still ran. Except there wasn’t enough pressure to power the shower and I had to substitute a bath this morning. Dude. I think there’s seriously something to my theory that kinetic energy from the rushing water of a shower jet translates to an energetic day.

Ended up taking a “late lunch” at 4:15 and coming home early to sleep for a couple of hours. Usually naps just make things worse but I had no choice. And, surprisingly, today it worked just right. I got up at 7:30pm (had to check to make sure it was still night and not the next morning), finished up tomorrows comic and then started on Thursdays. I really need to build up that buffer!

Spec asked me to come over for dinner tomorrow night–he’s gonna cook for me! Better get some more beauty rest so I’m not all sleepy and cranky after work 🙂

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