RBBiz Day 8: Kate Northrup

Creative Business

Kate’s talk on Wednesday was all about the money!


Having a money expert chime in during the Right Brainers in Business Summit is a regular part of the program and always interesting because Creatives, in general, seem to have a lot of anxiety and stress around discussing money, selling, budgeting, and the whole money numbers block that a lot of folks have. Even though I’m pretty good with numbers, I can safely say that I’ve had some other baggage around money matters in the past and I’m actively working to improve them.

If you recall, I wrote about how I redesigned the monthly budget worksheets for the Creative Days planner, this year, and one of the features I added was a more robust debt tracking system. It’s very cool to be able to put down arrows on more lines than up arrows, indicating the overall shift in my balances. Slow going, since I’m working off some spending born of impatience and whatnot, but it’s going in the right direction.

One of the lessons I try to remember each month as I fill out my budget and schedule all my bills to be paid (oh, thank goodness for online bill payment systems!), is to be grateful that I have the means to pay the bills. That while I might not always like the chore of paying bills, I’m able to do it (usually) without stress and that’s worth a lot. I think that one came from one of the first two years of the RBBiz Summit, but it’s stuck with me.


These posts are getting shorter as the second week goes by. Chances are no one really minds, judging by my stats, but I will say it has less to do with the Summit (the guests are awesome day after day) and more the fact that I’ve been sleeping horribly the last few nights and I’m not entirely sure why. Makes for a very sleepy Scraps and a sleepy Scraps is not a talkative (type-ative?) Scraps. Anyway, two more days of Summit to go and then we’ll be back to our usually scheduled food, house, and craft fun.

Also, Happy Birthday to Todd!!! He’s not actually big on having his birthday celebrated, so we keep things low-key by request, but I am incredibly grateful that he was born 🙂

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