RBBiz Day 5: Andreea Ayers

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We closed out the first week with DIY Publicity and Product Marketing presented by Andreea Ayers of Launch Grow Joy.

It’s kind of funny, I remember the early years of the Right Brainers in Business Video Summit when the interviews were predominately coaches or other other thought-leader types and we artists and artisans had to really work to apply what they were teaching to what we were doing. But it’s awesome because Jenn listened to our feedback and over time we gained more of a mix, to the point that Jenn had to caution coaches, etc. to stick around through today’s interview, that just because we were talking product placement in stores and magazines didn’t mean there wasn’t something that could work for them as well.

The Summit’s come a long way in the last five years!

I was familiar with the vast majority of what Andreea covered on Friday, but that was okay because it meant I could spend more time interacting in the chat stream! Which is why my biggest takeaway was the heart-word: Connection.

Heart word?

It may not be a real thing, but it’s something I started doing as I filled out the daily playsheet that comes with the booster and premium pass upgrades. There’s a humanoid figure with some symbols to represent different thinking or action points learned during the seminar, and the “What is my heart telling me?” prompt is, of course, next to the heart on the figure. So while I put (usually) more lengthy notes under the prompt, I was also writing a core-concept word across the heart. And since I didn’t a major aha! moment specifically from the interview, I decided to collage quick phone pics of each days heart-word in Diptic and post that as my daily share on Instagram.

Week 1 heart-words

Week 1 heart-words

Integrity from the Lisa Congdon interview, Authenticity from Amethyst Wyldfyre, Community from Corbett Barr, Motivation from Sam Bennett, and, finally, Connection from Andreea Ayers. Both for the connections I make in the chat room during the summit sessions (and the ones in the Facebook group), as well as the connections we need to make with stores and publications to get our work seen and our message shared.

One of the exercises in the original Right Brain Business Plan book, right up there with the Big Vision Collage for your business, is to create a set of values cards. I have my original set from several years ago and they still apply, but I think I’m going to do a new set based off of these heart-words after we finish next week’s summit session lessons.

~ ~ ~

I know these posts are a bit of a departure from my usual posts, so I hope you don’t mind terribly that I’ve been writing about the RBBiz Summit instead of house stories or craft projects. It’s been a great way to keep me engaged in the topics and has really helped clarify what I’m going to do next, so thanks for sticking with me. It’s also confirmed that posting every day isn’t really feasible for me, so after next week I’ll be going back to my 3/2 posts per alternate weeks, because while much thinking has been getting done, not as much doing has! Gotta get back to the doing!

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