Mini Envelope Book

These instructions will make a small pocketed book.

 Start with your evelopes. I used 5 total in 3 different sizes.

Step 1

Tuck the envelope flaps inside or remove them altogether, and then stack the envelopes with some of the openings facing each other and others with the openings facing away. This will create an end result with pocket facing various directions. Just makes it a little more interesting.

 step 1astep 1b

Now that you have them in the order you want them, fold each envelope in half, short end to short end. Pressing with a bone folder will help but is not absolutely necessary. Nest the envelopes together and punch holes for your thread to pass through.

step 2

The way I measured my hole spacing was how far in my small hole punch would fit, and placed them on either side of the fold.

Next thread a wide-eyed needle with embroidery floss and, starting on the outside of the book, go first through the top right hole, the top left hole, bring the thread along the outer spine to the bottom right hole, the bottom hole, back up to the top right (finishing the ‘x’ along the spine) and once more out through the top left and trim the ends even. Tie a double knot to secure the binding.

 step 3

I threaded a few buttons through the tails of the thread and knotted the base as a decoration.

step 4

And here’s a close-up from the top of the splayed pages. The envelopes create little top-opening pockets, sort of like the paper folders we used in school, perfect for tags, etc.

step 4a

6 thoughts on “Mini Envelope Book

  1. Well, I just really think these are awesome! Sooner or later I will have to have a hand in trying to make them. While not at all crafty I think even I can do this!

  2. hi,
    Thanks very much for this excellent tutorial. It’s the simplest and therefore the best one I’ve found on the ‘net. NOW I can get started 🙂


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