Everyday Adventures

So Random Acts… now has an about page and a forum set up, the second strip is painted for next week’s update an I’ve got the inklings of an idea for logo, etc.

I talked myself out of talking myself out of going walking today. Y’all, I need to be more clear on what my friends mean by ‘varied terrain’ because I found hills at San Luis Park that I didn’t know existed! I was sure that 30 minutes was hardly worth going somewhere to walk but about 10 minutes in I quickly changed my tune. Still, doing that once a week along with perhaps pilates here at home might get me back in the groove for exercising.

Also I managed to squeeze in a bit of harp practice this evening during ANTM. I’ve almost made it two-handed through ‘Irish Eyes’ but I’m still a long way from being adept at it. The fact that it mostly repeats for the second half will ultimately make it easier, but for now I’m still plunking right along.

I know I still owe y’all the margarita story and the IKEA recap, but I need to go over to Mom’s before it gets too much later so that I can be there to take her to the doctors at o-dark in the morning. Tomorrow is definitely slated for Zombie Thursday.

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