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Work: I’ve reconciled through September 2005 so that’s awesome. The good news is that in October, we stopped doing payroll in house, so there’s a lot fewer checks to verify each month from this point out. The bad news is that in October, we stopped doing payroll in house, and the payroll company screwed up three of the four payrolls in October and reconciling the EFTs made my eyes cross at the end of the day. I have a feeling that tomorrow I’m going to need to dig out the payroll folder from that month to try and figure out exactly what happened (all I remember is having to have the first run done three times and threatening to cancel the contract when they screwed it up again in December if they didn’t get their shit together). Probably I’m going to have to roll a balance over into November to get it to even out, but I’ll make it work.

Knitting: another couple inches done on the front panel of Grecian Plait.

Writing: My second article is published! Woot! And I took a day off from the medieval food article.

Everything else: Nope. Nothing. I feel like I’m coming down with something and that would be a very. bad. thing. Granted, I’m probably due for something, but I changed into pjs as soon as I got home, has a slacker supper (which means I’ll need to go pick-up lunch tomorrow), and layed on the couch with my furry blanket and watched more Girls Next Door. I thought about going to bed early but last time I did that I ended up waking up at midnight and not being able to go back to sleep until 3 or 4 am. Eek! So I suffered through a veg evening (which I feel like I’ve been doing a lot, but not really) and I’ll have to be careful not to overdo this weekend. Should be pretty low-key anyway… things have been pretty quite around Scraps-la-vie, and Palmie’s down with the ‘rents this weekend so no impromptu ‘cocktail hour,’ lol (not that last weekend wasn’t hella-fun, it just wouldn’t be practical to do it every weekend!). I did promise to save her some lamb when I make it for the photo-shoot. Mmmm… lamb…

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