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There is, apparently, a special level of hell reserved for people trying to book a flight around Christmas. Whoo-boy!

First, being the web-savvy person I am, I checked out travelocity, expedia and yahootravel only to be completely confused by the who’s and when’s of the convoluted mixed flights. I though I’d scored big with yahoo only to have it double in the time it took to look into more details. Ouch!

After pausing for a few hours I decided to take the less evil path and go directly to the websites for the airlines that flew out of our airport. Soooo much simpler, but definitely not less expensive. The lowest total (and this is for four people leaving at the beginning of peak Christmas travel… yes, we’re brilliant, okay?) was $2100 flying through the dreaded Charlotte airport. The next airline up (which at least went through Atlanta, not CLT) was $1K more!

The question is quickly becoming… does my Aunt really want to see us THIS badly???

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