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Pain, Inconvenience and a Little Perspective

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This past weekend I was sick.

It was just a bad cold, true, with a cough that is more annoying than anything, but it hit me like a ton of bricks once I finally admitted that, okay, maybe I could be feeling better in the overall sense of the word.

It’s not the first time I’ve been a little under the weather this year, it’s just the first time it coincided with a day not filled with crucial work deadlines. So I let myself leave after half a day on Thursday and call out completely on Friday.

Add to this I royally screwed up my shoulder in a way that’s still a mystery. A rogue inflammation hit either the bursa or the tendons in my right shoulder (of course, I’m right handed) and laid me all kinds of low. It was next to impossible to find a comfortable position the first couple of nights.

There may have been some whimpering involved.

At one point on Saturday, late in the afternoon, I wasn’t tired enough to sleep, it hurt too much to draw anymore (I’d barely managed 2 pages all day with frequent breaks), it hurt too much to even hold open a book to read.

I was pitiful.

But Todd made me laugh.

Then we figured out a workable solution of a sling, a neck pillow under my elbow to prop it up a bit more while accommodating the boob interference, ice packs, Ibuprofen and some ointment. I felt ridiculous, but I also felt better.

By Sunday I was able to get a few more pages drawn and actually go out and be sociable for a few hours (sans sling–total vanity but it wasn’t too bad).

I was uncomfortable for a weekend. It takes months or years (or more! if ever) to overcome the ‘discomfort’ and ‘inconvenience’ of breast cancer.

And that’s putting it mildly.

There’s the fear. The uncertainty. The what-ifs.

There’s the doctor’s visits, the procedures, the losing parts of yourself and not feeling whole. There’s the various treatments that hurt more than that little lump ever could hint at.

The time spent waiting to heal so you can undergo reconstruction.

The stress. The tears. The resolve. The fear.

Cocktails for a CureIn light of what some women are going through, I feel pretty silly for whimpering about a little shoulder pain.

So, instead of posting a craft project or starting the 16th Art, I’m using this space, this week, to do my part to support the people and agencies that help fight that fear and all that goes with it.

On October 24, 2010, I’m walking in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk for the American Cancer Society. It’s my goal to raise $250 to support ACS’ goal of more birthdays and I’m not above begging.


I’m not above bribery!

Mock-up of the Incentive PrintI love parties, even if it’s just a party for one. I love celebrations and making someone feel special. That’s why I started creating Character Cocktails–drinks designed to reflect you! your personality, your likes and dislikes, transformed into a piece of personalized cocktail art (nonalcoholic recipes also available). So, for the time leading up to the walk I’m offering 2 ways to support not me, but the American Cancer Society and the women and families they will help:

Option 1: Donate $10 or more to my goal and I’ll send you an embellished print of the cocktail I’ve created for this campaign: Aphrodite’s Nipple.

Option 2: Order your own Character Cocktail for $47 (click the “Shop Now” tab) between now and October 15,2010, and I’ll donate 22% of the purchase price to the fundraiser PLUS you’ll get one of the embellished prints when your cocktail art ships.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments, email me through the Contact tab, above, or head over to my Cocktails for a Cure page. I do hope you’ll click one of those links and help me help others. But, if all you can do is pass this along, that’s okay, too–I appreciate it all.

9 thoughts on “Pain, Inconvenience and a Little Perspective

  1. I’m sorry that you weren’t well this weekend. Thank you for coming out to socialize with us in spite of that fact. You should have worn your sling, though, vanity be damned. It would have made an interesting topic of conversation, I’m sure.

    I commend your efforts on behalf of the American Cancer Society. You seem to have a lot of irons in the fire, but you have made room for one more. You’ll have to explain, next time we all meet, how you juggle so many activities and stay sane.

  2. We sound like we had very similar, whimpery weekends. 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling better now.
    And AWESOME about the ACS walk! I’m running in the Komen 5K next weekend. What you said is so true…we were whiny and uncomfortable for one weekend and that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  3. You are an awesome woman and very brave. Of course I’m with Joe, to heck with vanity *smile!* If I could walk that far, I’d walk with you. Hopefully we’ll meet-up before October 15, as I’m a bit of a Neo-Luddite when it comes to money cards and the Internets ~insert lame chuckle, here~

  4. Last year, I had this virus that lasted forever and its main symptom was this nagging cough. It was horrible at night, so bad that in a great spasm of coughing, I broke a rib. That’s right, broke a rib from coughing. I understand how awful you must have felt. Relax, take care of yourself.

    I, too, am walking for breast cancer research in a local 3 day walk we have in my town. Good luck. And thank you. It takes all of us.

  5. I hope you feel better soon, and i commend you for participating in the walk.

    Thanks for stopping by during my SITS Day!

  6. Exactly right.


    I often think of that. I do.

    I think to myself, I feel so sick now, how would I feel if I still had to take care of my home and children and make it to chemotherapy?

    Puts me right back where my head should be.

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