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So I set this deadline for myself, which happens to be this coming Tuesday, which I will not say much more about til that actual day, but anyway: suffice it to say this only reinforces how much I don’t know about internet technology. I was shocked to get as far as I did with this program I actually had to install and the database I had to create, but was denied when I tried to actually test the software. It worked only half-way, and of course the error is totally PEBCAK.

And yes, I disappeared for a couple of days. It was bound to happen. Wednesday I had a dinner guest and then practically fell straight into bed once my company departed and last night I hit that brick wall that had been looming on the horizon. I knew it was there but I was still a smidge surprised at the fact that I hit it (totally ignoring the fact that last weekend’s travel meant I had no downtime from the week and that the first three evenings this week were incredibly busy as well). Tonight I was almost back to ‘normal’ which is good, because Anniversary is tomorrow. I’m only going for the day, though, and will use Sunday to veg out and (hopefully) get my head above water with the aforementioned issues.

One thought on “Over my head…

  1. I saw my own wall coming, but was hoping it wouldn’t hit until last night. Instead, I hit it yesterday morning.

    I’m better today, but need to get cleaning.

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