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The piggies aren’t broken. Apparently the x-ray was perfectly clear, I can still maintain my “no broken bones” title (knock on wood), and it’s just a matter of the soft tissue healing. However long that takes (up to another month I’m told).

Aside from that. Nothing new to report. My anxiety leading up to this mornings ultrasounds was (of course) way worse than the actual experience. I actually lucked up and got a very personable sonographer (usually I get the prune-faced battle axe who has the bedside manner of a bean) but she couldn’t tell me anything what (if anything) she saw. I don’t know why I thought I’d know something today and, really, I’ll be lucky if I get my results by the end of the week but I’m hopefully. I’m not generally a patient person and this sort of limbo is never really helpful. So I’ll just try to stay busy in the mean time.

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