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But after two years, I decided to step down from the design team to make room for some new blood. My last post went live yesterday.

Another reason for stepping down from this amazing team is that I just don’t have as much mental bandwidth to create as I used to. And while the design team deadlines ensure that I’m creating something each month, some months the only things I finish are design team projects. Meanwhile I have personal projects that keep getting pushed to the side, things to do around the house (fun, decorating things not just chores) that don’t even get started, and only occasionally will I steal the time to do some work-related designing. I also have a lot less time to spend online, so I feel like I’m letting down the social sharing and promoting side of being on a team.

At the same time, design teams are amazing for pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Not gonna lie, finding out about new products and promotions ahead of the general public is also nice.

I’m still a member of the Imagine team through the end of the year and if they gave me the option to stay on for another term I’m not sure I’d want to say yes. Design teams and creative teams are a great way to keep in the loop about trends and collaborate with others, plus you just learn so much and meat fabulous people through the process that I wouldn’t want to give up on teams entirely.

Helmar is currently looking for those new designers, so if you’re interested in trying out for the team, check out this post: Helmar Creative Team Call Out for October 2016

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