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So last night, after I totally had nothing to say, I decided I needed a little down-time for the brain so at 9pm I put on CSI (the first time I’ve turned the tv on in several days) and decided to play a little solitaire.

Now, I really like the tactile quality of actual playing cards as opposed to play on the computer so I regularly play a few hands, and I regularly win. In fact, its sort of a thing, now: I play til I’ve won at least once. Not last night. After half an hour I still had yet to even come close to winning. I wasn’t even getting all of the aces on a regular basis. And one time I could have sworn I was on the first go-through with the spare cards but the final set was only one, not three. I convinced myself I’d not payed attention, though, and that it must have been a second go-through after all.

I finally gave up and went about tidying the front of the apartment and then decided to work on some productive bits; including the paintings for the bedroom. I set out the four canvases on the table and grab the main reference book only to see exactlly why I wasn’t winning at solitaire: I had used playing cards as bookmarks. 5 cards were still holding places in the book. Yup, I was literally ‘not playing with a full deck.’

* * *

Now, some people may wonder–indeed I’ve questioned myself about this very thing once or twice–why I put such silly, somewhat embarassing things about myself on this blog. The way I see it, it’s only fair. I mean, I use this space to rant and whine on a semi-regular basis so it’s only right that those of you who read through all those bog-downed-blogs get to laugh with me when I do something completely bone-headed like the above. Trust me, I laughed at myself last night when I realized the error.

* * *

After work (one of the slowest days in the history of work-kind) I met the Bard for supper and we strategized on the upcoming NaNoWriMo. Under two months to go!!! Once home I picked up the brushes once again and did a bit more work on the canvases before palmie called. The conversation was just getting sillier and sillier, and the social issue she called to discuss became a running joke of “I just don’t get it” that became even more appropriate when I told her to get her ass over here and we ended up watching Clueless. It was exactly what was needed to dispell some of the confusion from earlier in the day. Thank heavens for good friends!!!

* * *

And, finally, the song that’s been running through my head this evening. I adore Deirdre Flint’s quirky lyrics and Past Life Regressed has one of the most infectious melodies out there, kind of a big band swing of sorts meets electric guitar. I don’t know. It just works. And it’s funny, even when its more comiseratory.

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