Not bad for a Monday

Everyday Adventures

Really, not bad at all, and I managed to not spend any money today, woot! Though I do have at least one more shopping trip between here and the party. Still, not so bad.

Tonight was mostly inking this week’s strips while listening to an audio book (another perk of working in the office) and while it did take most all evening, it’s done, so there ya go. Plus watched Heroes and knit a few more rows on the Grecian Plait sleeves (I’m in that unfortunate part of any pattern where you have to count rows between increases… ugh! But at least I’m doing them both simultaneously so if one’s wrong, the other will at least match!).

Did some prep work on a slew of props for the party and I think after I shut the computer down for the night I’m going to read a trade magazine to fire up the creative juices for tomorrow night: writing at home! Dun dun da! Now that the office is mainly tidy (there’s still that bit under the desk and all) I think I might actually be able to work in here with fewer distractions. We’ll see. I have two more articles to write to finish out the month so hopefully that’ll be Tuesday and Wednesday night and I can edit and upload them before the weekend’s over (read as: Sunday). Tick-tock, tick-tock.

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