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Scraps, what are you talking about?

I’m talking about the fact that my apartment is once more ghetto-free. No more stupid coax running down the hall to the Abyss, tripping me and everyone who tries to go from the front half of the apartment to the back half and generally looking tacky and ghetto.


Sonja is here!

Who is Sonja? This is Sonja:
Named so because of her color and my odd way of word association. The same association that led to the following yesterday:

Releasing an idiot into the world ->prompts-> Mom to sing chorus of “We are the World” -> which led to -> me having that song stuck in my head ->prompts word association to-> ear-worm -> and ends with -> Checkov.

That gem won me back the geek crown from palmie yesterday lol

And I take back some of the things I said about DHL shipping lines (though they really need a few more Atta-boys before all their ‘oh shits’ are balanced out) because, y’all, Sonja shipped out of Nashville on the 18th and arrived at my office today. 3-5 day shipping became overnight by some lovely twist of fate (I’m guessing they didn’t have much to do today since they can’t deliver all those HP7 pre-orders ’til tomorrow).

Oh, but I still haven’t fully explained about the lack of coax down the hall.

With Sonja’s arrival I was able to finally use the Windows-only install-this-first disk for the new wireless router I bought back in January (best laid plans…) and, y’all, I didn’t even have to call tech support. It was a close shave getting comcast to play nicely with Vista (which, for the record, has not been all that aggravating so far) because the installer thought I was running Windows NT (because Vista wasn’t heard of in ’03 when I got the DSL) but somehow it worked even though the installer doesn’t think it did. But no, I now have a wireless network set up and password protected and even managed to have it still work when I relocated the modem and router to the living room. Yay for AirPort being another one of those programs that ‘just works’; it saved me immeasurable headache.

And, yes, I know I’ve been absent for a week. Art/Sci was fun: I got to help with judging, do a tiny bit of shopping, and got home before midnight! I’m still surprised by the non-Oldenfeld people who remember me from event to event, but it’s a very good kind of surprised. Sunday I did the pre-shopping for the Disaster Movie Party. And then this week I got a few little things done but spent a lot more time resting the brain, etc. But now it’s Friday and I did the network thing and I am done. My copy of HP7 will be delivered sometime tomorrow so I’m not even going near a bookstore this weekend.

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