No-Cook Mode


Every time I finish with an event of any kind it takes me about a week to recover and want to get back in the kitchen.

This is nothing new and if I’ve just thrown a party I’ve usually got plenty of leftovers to last me the better part of that off-duty week or, you know, there’s always take-out. But I’ve discovered a new facet of this quirk.

This past weekend was, of course, my brother’s wedding and we were out of town for 4 days, I was elbow-deep in cake for more than that, and I’ve hit my off-duty phased. But even with Todd here and more than willing to pick up slack this week–nuh uh!

Apparently I don’t even want him cooking this week. At least not very much. We did stop at the grocery store on the way home from the beach (because I knew I’d never want to go back out and stock up once we made it home and unloaded the car) and I didn’t get 100% convenience foods but, well…

Sunday night I wanted corndogs (all beef, at least) and I did make a batch of my pineapple-poppy seed coleslaw to go with them and the sweet potato fries. Monday night was potato-crusted fish, green beans and boxed rice pilaf (Todd did the prep, I had comics to do). I’m somewhat redeeming myself with the brisket that will cook in the crock-pot along with potatoes and carrots. But it’s still a one-pot meal that hardly constitutes cooking–I didn’t even cut up the new potatoes!

It certainly compounds matters that Friday is my birthday and I feel like celebrating in little ways all week. Eating comfort food is one of those ways, but it’s not going to last too much longer: I bought chicken thighs and artichoke hearts and I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with them on Wednesday!

One thought on “No-Cook Mode

  1. Great minds think alike—–I’m gearing up for Bulldog’s First Communion party—————that will set me back to no cooking for at least 3 months………….. : )

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